Workshop & Keynote Descriptions

It’s important to include the “WIIFM” for each of your descriptions. Answer the question, “What will people walk away with after hearing you speak?”
Here are a few samples from my client sites…

Are You Speaking Geekinese?

Experts in all fields are asked to communicate with others about their specialty. Depending on the situation however, they may be losing the attention of those with whom they are working. Many times this is because of their usage of their specialty’s jargon or “Geekinese” that may not be understood.

During this 45-minute interactive speech, attendees will discover if they are using “Geekinese” in a way that confuses their customers or coworkers. They will learn a 4-step approach to identify and then use their specialty’s jargon appropriately for their specific audience.

Bob will keep this session fun and entertaining by using your organization’s specific terminology. Each session will be customized to your group. The audience will be actively involved in the presentation. Each session is different based on the way the audience directs it.

This speech can be given to any group that interacts with customers. This may include support or sales. It also can be delivered to specialized organizations or associations of specific professions ranging from accountants to zoo keepers!



Take Control of the Handlebars of Life

Confidence is not only one of the most important factors in being a great negotiator, it’s also important whether you are an employee, supervisor, business owner, parent, family member or in any relationship.

Lacking confidence and not having the power to stand up for yourself is one of the key things that holds people back from being successful or achieving their goals and dreams.

In this presentation, Eldonna will show you how to stop taking a “back seat” in your life and move to the front seat. She will inspire you to take control of the handlebars of your life and “roll on your throttle” to success.

As an avid Harley rider for 20+ years, Eldonna uses motorcycling as an analogy for success to negotiate your way through life. You will be inspired, empowered and motivated to take action to own you power and achieve your goals and dreams both personally and professionally.

In this highly-charged, content-packed presentation Eldonna will show you how to find more power, negotiate a powerful life and create win-win results. You will be energized, empowered and educated to be a better version of yourself and achieve maximum results in every area of your life.

Your audience will learn:

• Go into any situation with 100% confidence that you will get the results you want.
• How to own your power and captivate people with your confidence
• Getting what you want and the keys to unlock the door to winning results
• Three hard-won lessons derived from learning to ride a motorcycle
• What to do to create the clear thinking and make room for the truth
• Stress reduction practices that eliminate the overwhelm
• How to construct your own sense of life balance.



Cracking the E-Code: 6 Success Strategies for Unlocking
the Entrepreneurial Potential in Any Organization

Today’s dynamic business environment demands bold leadership, focused decision-making with 360-degree visibility, and agile teams capable of rapidly leveraging opportunities. Unfortunately, many organizations are plagued by glacial decision cycles, ineffective silo structures that kill effective collaboration and creativity and arcane talent development programs that waste human capital. The result? Staying stuck in neutral while more nimble competitors race past.

It’s time to “crack the E-Code” and unlock the latent Entrepreneurial Potential lurking within your organization today!

This high-octane keynote shares 6 mission-tested strategies to:

1) Engage and empower your team with the Entrepreneurial Mindset
2) Discover and leverage the unique strengths of each team member
3) Dramatically improve collaboration and communication across departments/divisions
4) Significantly improve the speed, efficiency and outcomes of your organization’s decision-making process..