Websites for Professional Speakers

Professional Speaker Website Design

A high-quality professional speaker website doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money… but a poorly-designed website can cost a fortune!

People who hire speakers always research the possibilities online long before they ever pick up the phone or send an email to request a quote. If you want to get paid to speak, you need to look like you’re worth paying to speak. That includes having a “uniquely-you” website and consistent online presence.

I work exclusively with professional speakers, and I create custom speaker websites. You’re here because you need a site, right? Let’s get started!

Online Marketing & Social Media

Online Marketing & Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogging… argghh! If you’re not careful, they’ll drive you crazy and take over your life. I can help you establish credibility, build your community of raving fans, and get found online — all with the goal of getting you hired to speak. I’ll even suggest a few tools to save tons of time while we’re at it! Let’s strategize!

Speaker Website Maintenance

Speaker Website Maintenance

Tired of arguing with your webmaster? Or, maybe they’ve abandoned your site, leaving you high-and-dry with outdated content, an old calendar, or typos up-the-wazoo?

You’re not alone! Unfortunately, there are MANY unreliable webmasters out there… they start out great, and then they drive their clients crazy after a couple of months. It’s time to get a new webmaster. TODAY.

Sales Funnels & Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts & Sales Funnels

Got stuff to sell? Trying to build your list? Shopping carts, sales funnels, and auto-responders can be a pain-in-the-neck. You don’t need to worry about them! I’ve got the experience — and patience — to make your ecommerce system run smoothly! Cha-Ching!