Kind Words from Clients

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing professional speakers over the years! Below are comments from just a few of those who have spoken on my behalf.

"I created my own website myself, and it showed. It was unprofessional, unappealing, and ineffective. I hired Cynthia because I know she does great work. She’s not only artistic and creative, she knows speaker websites inside out because it’s all she does.

"She was so easy to work with, and I loved her new design. Within a week of launching my new site, a meeting planner found me online and wanted to hire me to speak at a conference. That never happened with my handmade, homemade site. Cynthia delivers results. You won’t regret working with her."

Maureen Zappala ~ Leadership & Faith-Based Speaker
Maureen Zappala
Professional Speaker & Author
"As an incoming Toastmasters District Director, finding a website designer of Cynthia's caliber was a godsend. The fact that she was a past Toastmasters District Leader enabled her to immediately understand our needs and take the design of our District website to the next level. Cynthia's customer service is top tier, and her work ethic, integrity and professionalism are impeccable. To say that our entire District was blown away by the new website Cynthia created for us would be an understatement. We deeply appreciate all the hard work she put into our site, as well as the patience she displayed with our District Leadership Team throughout the entire process."
LaShawn Foster, D27 Toastmasters
LaShawn Foster, DTM
2022 - 2023 District Director
District 27 Toastmasters
"Cynthia is a talented professional who has helped me countless times with great website design and graphic design on flyers and other marketing materials. She gives me that professional edge with a bit of pizazz that helps me stand out from the herd. She is super easy to work with and provides great ideas that help me implement new products and services for my business. I highly recommend Cynthia! She is amazing!"
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez - Professional Speaker, Author, Negotiations Expert
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
Professional Speaker, Author, Negotiations Expert
"If you're looking for a web designer who not only really knows their technical stuff, but also has the ability to create a speaker website that is pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, and reflective of their client's style... look no further, because Cynthia Lay is THAT designer!

"As a 'recovering lawyer,' I always do my due diligence before I decide to spend my money on any service. Before I decided on Cynthia, I interviewed 4 other candidates. Cynthia stood out head and shoulders above the others. They all had the technical skills necessary to create my speaker website, but they couldn't match Cynthia's willingness to spend the time and energy necessary to understand not only the information I wanted on the website, but also the vibe I wanted my site to exhibit when a potential client views it. Cynthia took the time to understand what I wanted and then created it in a fashion that even a person as hard as I am to please was completely satisfied!"
Paul Glover, Leadership Speaker & Coach
Paul Glover
The No B.S. Leadership Speaker & Coach
"My experience with Cynthia has been nothing short of exceptional. From our first conversation, she just got it -- and me. I am proud to share my speaker website with potential clients, and feel that it is the perfect representation of who I am. Not only does Cynthia understand what it takes to make phenomenal speaker websites, she also fully understands the speaking industry. When the knowledge of those two worlds collide, the outcome is magical!"
Jenilee Taylor - Customer Service Trainer
Jenilee Taylor
Speaker / Trainer
"With no experience, I built my own speaker website from scratch using WordPress. I was told early on that I'm only worth my perceived value online. No one will pay me thousands to come and speak if my site looks like a MySpace page. The site I built for myself was OK, but Cynthia took it from good to great. Since launching what she built, I've made my investment back 10 times over. She was professional, insightful and responsive. I've referred her already and continue to work with her as I grow."
Sam Anthony Lucania - Youth Speaker / Drug Abuse Speaker
Sam Anthony Lucania
Youth Speaker / Substance Abuse Speaker
"I am a speaker and a writer. I know little about building a website — how it should look or what content it needs to engage my customers. Cynthia guided me step-by-step, and together we created a beautiful, functional, and easy to navigate website for my business. Cynthia is responsive, creative, and knowledgeable about the ever-changing world of website design. You can rely on Cynthia to design your best 'first impression to the world.'"
Amy Bean - Apollo 12 Speaker
Amy Bean
Apollo 12 Speaker
Daughter of Astronaut, Alan Bean
"It's been a privilege to work with Cynthia and She has the awesome ability to take a speaker's thoughts & dreams and turn them into an amazing product. I highly recommend her services!"
Larry McKenzie, Leadership Speaker
Coach Larry McKenzie
Author, Educator, Dynamic Motivational Speaker, Transformational Basketball Coach, Radio Host, and 2018 Bush Fellow

"Hire Cynthia if you want to work with an awesome website designer. She completely revamped my tired website and brought new life to it. It’s up and running in a way that makes me proud to send clients to it. I have received many compliments on the site with these words, ‘It’s awesome!’ ‘Wow, who designed that?’ ‘What a great website!’

"Cynthia is a pleasure to work with in so many ways. She asked for and listened to my needs. She proposed options for choice. She is creative, open-minded and expert in her approach. Cynthia has a great sense of humor. She is down to earth and professional. Cynthia is one who stays with you as a client — not one who designs your site, wishes you luck, and leaves. She designs, wishes you the best, and stays connected as a resource. I recommend Cynthia without hesitation for your speaker website."

David Hosmer, M.Ed. - Corporate Trainer
David Hosmer, M.Ed.
Leadership & Career Coaching Consultant,
Author in Talent & Organization Management

"Thanks so much, Cynthia, for the great job you did on my website, Totally Booked!

"Your pre-work questionnaire was so thorough and such a great help in terms of knowing exactly what’s available, what’s essential, what we really need and most importantly where to start a project that not only seems overwhelming, it’s also a project that needs to be well done.

"I consider you a colleague and a friend, so I admit to a huge bias, but I think you are a great gift to professional speakers."

Cathleen Fillmore, Speakers Bureau Owner, Marketing for Speakers
Cathleen Fillmore
Speakers Bureau Owner
Marketing Consultant for Speakers
"How did Cynthia Lay help me in my speaking business? Not simply by designing what by all accounts is an amazing website, but by asking the tough questions that got us to that point. Questions about who I am as a speaker and what I stand for in the crowded marketplace. There is NO question that Cynthia is simply the best at what she does!"

David P. Otey, MA, MBA - Professional Speaker, Author, Certified World Class Speaking Coach
David P. Otey, MA, MBA
Professional Speaker, Author,
Certified World Class Speaking Coach
"Cynthia Lay is awesome! She truly wants to understand what you're about and what you want to convey through your online presence. She drastically changed the speed of my success.

"She's flexible, honest, and very knowledgeable. I seldom write testimonials, but this one was the easiest I've ever written. Don't wait — don't fret about the investment — go for it and create your KICKASS life!"

Christopher Rausch, Professional Speaker, Business Coach
Christopher Rausch
Professional Speaker, Author,
Creator of 'KICKASS Guide to Life'
"Cynthia has the unique ability to listen well and translate her clients' desires into reality.

"My new website is everything I wanted and more. I couldn't be happier with her work!"

Larry Jacobson, Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Retirement Expert, Award-Winning Author of The Boy Behind the Gate
Larry Jacobson
Professional Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Retirement Expert, Author of 'The Boy Behind the Gate'

"There is a one-stop-shop for all of your social media and web marketing needs and it's Cynthia Lay. Whether you need a website that gets visitors to take action, need to make an impact using social media, or need to organize an event online or offline, there's no better person to turn to than Cynthia Lay.

"Why? It's because some people know how to market. Others know technology. Cynthia Lay is that rare breed who knows both. She does it all! That's why she's the secret to my success."

Craig Valentine, MBA, World Champion of Public Speaking
Craig Valentine, MBA
World Champion of Public Speaking
"I had a 'dated' website that I wanted to update. I contacted Cynthia and she immediately helped me put together my random ideas into a cohesive site. My updated website is MUCH better than if I had gone with only my unstructured thoughts. Not only that, but Cynthia provided great direction for a social media presence. I recommend her for any speaker who is looking for a consistently great-looking website."
Bob Goodyear, Speaker, Coach, Technical Sales Trainer, 'A Geek Who Speaks'
Bob Goodyear
'A Geek Who Speaks'
Speaker, Coach, Technical Sales Trainer

"There are professionals and then there are consummate professionals. Cynthia is the latter. She carefully listened to and got to know me and my website needs. As a result, what she created for my business exceeded my vision. I get more compliments about my site (and business!) as a result of what she thoughtfully developed.

"While her clients’ words are glowing and deserved, it’s truly Cynthia’s work that speaks for itself. Work with her and you will be amazed at your co-created outcome!"

Eric Tonningsen, Professional Speaker, ICF Credentialed Coach
Eric Tonningsen
Professional Speaker, ICF Credentialed Coach,
Published Author and Podcaster
"Cynthia understands what professional speakers need, and she totally rebuilt my website to not only reflect my credentials, but to represent my brand and ME. She doubled down by synchronizing my brand across social media platforms and added features that screams VALUE to my clients. I LOVE her work!"
Mark Brown, CSP - World Champion of Public Speaking
Mark Brown, CSP
World Champion of Public Speaking
"Cynthia was excellent to work with and I feel we ended up with a great website. She was very responsive and always willing to spend the time ensuring that details were taken care of and that I was satisfied. She went the extra mile to provide the "custom-tailored" service that you just cannot get with off-the-shelf template websites. I highly recommend her."
Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq - Sales & Negotiations Speaker
Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq.
Professional Speaker & Negotiation Expert
"Cynthia Lay has been my go-to website resource for over a decade. She has an eye for detail, always delivers on her commitments, communicates clearly and transparently, and is just plain fun to work with. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!"
Mark Green - Leadership Speaker & Coach
Mark E. Green
Author of Activators - A CEO's Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done and Creating a Culture of Accountability, Speaker, Business and Leadership Growth Coach to CEOs and Executive Teams
"I am a former corporate web developer and had built many cookie cutter websites, so I am super picky. When Felicia Slattery recommended Cynthia, I was willing to see what she could do. I was asking for a hybrid coaching-speaker website so I was a bit skeptical at first. However, Cynthia took my breath away on the first showing. I truly remember telling her colors or many elements and she nailed it. She captured my essence and the look and feel I didn't even know how to articulate. My website is beautiful and classic and I continually receive compliments on it. And, Cynthia is great to work with, especially in a pinch. I highly recommend her services!"
Kamin Samuel, PhD
Kamin Samuel, PhD
Rapid Transformation Business Coach,
Author, and Speaker

"I used to be so embarrassed about my website, and then I hired Cynthia Lay, and now I love it! She instinctively knows how to find information out about you, and she can get your personality and put it on your website. That is priceless! Meeting planners want to see who you are and what you’re about, so it’s important when they land there that it looks professional, but it also represents who you truly are and what you bring to the stage.

"Cynthia is great to work with — she’s quick, efficient, and knows her stuff. There is no reason why you shouldn’t hire her right this very minute. Stop thinking. Start doing. Cynthia Lay is one of the very best designers that I have ever worked with for a website."

Felicia Slattery, MA, M.Ad.Ed.
Felicia Slattery, MA, M.Ad.Ed.
Professional Speaker, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Marketing Coach for Speakers
"As a professional speaker, I was delighted with Cynthia’s ability in just a few conversations, to find the ‘value pieces’ — those gold nuggets, not just about who you are and what you do, but more important, why you do it.

"Cynthia then takes things to a higher level as she literally ‘paints’ your website until the canvas reflects exactly what you want the picture to say. In a nutshell, working with Cynthia was a joy!"

John Davidson - Professional Speaker & Author
John Davidson
Professional Speaker & Author
"With no experience, I built my own speaker website from scratch using WordPress. I was told early on that I'm only worth my perceived value online. No one will pay me thousands to come and speak if my site looks like a MySpace page. The site I built for myself was OK, but Cynthia took it from good to great. Since launching what she built, I've made my investment back 10 times over. She was professional, insightful and responsive. I've referred her already and continue to work with her as I grow."
Tim Gillette, Professional Speaker, Author, Blogger
Tim Gillette
Professional Speaker, Blogger,
Author, Radio Show Host
"Cynthia Lay is not only one of the sweetest people in the universe, but she is also one of the most talented and professional graphic artists I've had the pleasure of working with. She has a way of capturing your authenticity and helping you shine your brightest light!"

Janie Lidey, Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Emmy Award-Winning Song Writer
Janie Lidey
Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author,
Emmy Award-Winning Song Writer
"Cynthia Lay's secret is the combination of years of experience designing custom speaker websites with helping emerging speakers understand how to position themselves in their niche. She's the 'go-to' expert for online success because she knows the geek tricks, but talks to speakers like a friend and advisor. I highly recommend working with Cynthia — she ROCKS!"
Don Franceschi, Author, Professional Speaker
Don Franceschi
Speaker, Author of 'From Awful to Awesome:
9 Essential Tools for Effective Presentations'
"Cynthia is far more than a web designer. She understands that a site needs to generate leads and has the insight and skills to deliver a business-generating machine. I highly recommend her!"
David Goad - Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Talk Show Host
David Goad
Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Talk Show Host
"Cynthia helped me produce a world-class website that I am very proud of. She gently led me through a very detailed process that helped us create a speaker website that went beyond my expectations. I would recommend her, and frequently do, to anyone looking to create a truly great website."
John Freisinger ~ Professional Speaker, President & CEO @ TVC
John Freisinger
Professional Speaker, President & CEO @ TVC
"PRS has very much enjoyed our relationship with Cynthia. She is very responsive, professional and creative in her design approach. She does not require much “hand-holding” in the design process, which enabled me to focus on the overall company objectives while she took care of the aesthetics. Further, PRS has received numerous positive remarks on the overall appearance and organization of our website after Cynthia’s engagement of services. Having Cynthia on-board your team is a definitive win for all!"
Michael Delamere, Premier Risk Solutions
Michael Delamere
President and CEO @ Premier Risk Solutions
"Cynthia took time to really understand what I was looking for and did a great job walking me through the design process, explaining the in's and out's of all the decisions that needed to be made. Since the site went live, Cynthia has been incredibly responsive to changes and updates I've requested — again, asking the right questions to make sure I'd receive the product I was expecting. Working with Cynthia is a pleasure!"
David Hofstetter, Professional Speaker & Trainer
David Hofstetter
Professional Speaker & Trainer,
Management Consultant
"Cynthia puts a lot of thought and energy into designing the most effective website for you. She's easy to work with and I appreciated the collaborative process in which we worked. She was always interested in her client's happiness and experience. I would highly recommend her!"
Karen Strauss - Publisher and Founder, Hybrid Global Publishing
Karen Strauss
Publisher and Founder, Hybrid Global Publishing
"'AWESOME!' That was the first word out of my mouth when Cynthia unveiled my new speaker website. She was easy to work with, very knowledgeable about online marketing, and had great suggestions. I plan to work with her again soon, and I've already referred her to more than a dozen clients!"
Craig Duswalt, Professional Speaker, Author, Podcaster
Craig Duswalt
Motivational Speaker, Author,
Podcaster, Creator of 'RockStar Marketing'
"Cynthia Lay has kept my online image looking great for more than 10 years. She is a tireless and dedicated developer who has kept my many websites running smoothly and malware-free. From my membership community to my main website, to my micro-sites, she had done it all and made me look like a pro. Thanks, Cynthia!"
Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking
Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS
World Champion of Public Speaking