Technical Speaker & Speaking Coach, David P. Otey

David P. Otey

Technical Speaker & Technical Speaking Coach

David works solely within the technical industries. He speaks to and coaches scientists and engineers on how to communicate more effectively. He’s been a client for many years and I enjoy working with him!

This site is unique in that the navigation menu is on the left side of the page, rather than the traditional top of the page. So, as his visitors swipe up (or scroll down), the left side remains static and the content area on the right is what moves.

We wanted this to be an ultra-modern-looking & functioning website, since David’s target audience includes the “younger” and more tech-savvy crowd. It was critical that the site function properly & efficiently across all devices. Fortunately, I’m a stickler about this sort of thing on all my websites, so it was an easy-peasy goal to accomplish!

The website includes multiple custom contact forms, an opening screen video, custom navigation & footer area, a blog, and the incorporation of David’s new branding, which was created by a branding expert. I also set up a newsletter template along with social media background graphics for David’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

Before Redesign
David Otey - BEFORE

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