Kamin Samuel ~ Professional Speaker, Author, and Coach

Kamin Samuel

Wealth Consciousness Speaker, Author, and Coach

We completely redesigned Kamin’s speaker website, using WordPress. She is unique in that she was the first African-American female helicopter pilot in the US Navy. She now speaks, coaches, and writes on the topic of wealth consciousness & transformation.

I wanted the website to ‘brag’ about Kamin’s military accomplishments, but I thought it was also important to show the softer side that goes along with her wealth transformation coaching. We meshed those two concepts together and came up with a very original and “Kamin-like” design.

This project included a brand-new speaker logo, multiple custom contact forms, a blog, online store, and several custom testimonial pages. I also set up social media background graphics for Kamin’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts.

Before Redesign
Kamin Samuel - BEFORE

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