Tra Williams ~ Professional Speaker & Author

Tra Williams

Leadership Speaker
and Author

Tra’s previous speaker website simply did NOT do him justice as a person and especially as a speaker. He’s ramping up for a big media push for his soon-to-be published book, Feed Your Unicorn.

I appreciate that Tra chose to work with a professional photographer prior to my creating his website. This gave us dozens of AMAZING photos from which to choose! Professional photography can make ALL the difference in a speaker website!

Tra requested that I create his custom template using a WordPress builder add-on I that wasn’t yet familiar with. There was definitely a learning curve, but his site turned out beautifully, nonetheless.

The site had several very complicated page layouts, and included an auto-play (no sound) video on the home page, custom contact form, blog, and newsletter opt-in with a custom newsletter template. I also created social media images for his Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts.

Before Redesign
Tra Williams - BEFORE

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